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Confucian Studies, Eastern Philosophy and Korean Philosophy

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Code Course Title Credit Learning Time Division Degree Grade Note Language Availability
ADS5019 Deep Learning 3 6 Major Master/Doctor 1-8 Applied Data Science Korean,Korean Yes
This course covers deep learning based on artificial neural network which is advanced on various industrial. This course, especially, give students basic understanding of modern neural networks and their applications in computer vision and natural language understanding. Students learn about Convolutional networks, RNNs, LSTM, Dropout and more. This course introduces the major technology trends driving Deep Learning.
CEK4001 Reading Classics of Confucian Philosophy 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-4 - No
Cultural area of Chinese Character is characterized by the study of Chinese classics. To understand way of thinking of East Asian intellectuals, it is significant to know the core idea of the study of Chinese classics. Although the way of thinking of the study of Chinese classics is thought to be uninteresting and meaningless, it should be studied to discuss East Asian world. On this base, this class will read the basic texts of the study of Chinese classics.
CEK4002 Studies in Confucian Thoughts in Pre-Qin China 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-4 - No
In this class we will read texts in pre-Qin period, Shijing, Yijing, Shujing, Liji, Analects, Mencius and Xunzi, which can be authorized as the texts written before unification of China. By reading these texts, we try to understand what was the main discourse of Confucianism in pre-Qin period that was elevated to the position of the national teaching. Especially, we study Confucius' philosophy, whose idea founded Confucian School. Another purpose is to understand the characteristics of Confucianism as it developed through Mencius and Xunzi.
CEK4003 Topics in Confucian texts 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-2 - No
This course is degined for selective reading of philosophically important pre-Qin texts; the Yijing, the Shijing, the Shujing, the Chunqiu, the Lunyu, the Mengzi, and the Xunzi. Characterizing the main features of each philosophical text with modern research, students understand the world of ancient Confucian philosophy.
CEK4004 Confucianism and Humanities Convergence 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master - No
The course explores the contemporary meanings and roles of Confucian fundamental questions and answers concerning humanity, society, nature, and etc. that have been accumulated for thousands of years, especially from a humanities perspective in the era of convergence. In this course, we will attempt interdisciplinary approaches with adjacent fields and the convergences with practical studies including cultural contents, performing arts, and education, based on the main topics of Confucianism regarding human beings and universe.
CEK4005 Zhouyi Administration 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master - No
The Zhouyi is a Confucian classic that enables us to cope dynamically with the ever changing realities as well as it contains profound principles of human life and nature. Therefore, the principles of the Zhouyi are still instructive in suggesting the righteous ways of coping with the ever changing realities of contemporary world. This course explores the righteous ways of management, leadership, and the meaning of administration based on Zhouyi’s philosophy in contemporary reality.
CEK4101 The Analects and the Paintings of Confucius's Life 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master - No
The Analects are unfamiliar to the younger generation, because they are written in Chinese characters. Especially younger generation is more familiar with media and video than text. The picture in the Paintings of Confucius's Life are become to easily reach The Analects. If you study over than 100pictures of Paintings of Confucius's Life, you can get overview of the life of Confucius and in a short time. Confucius is a person of before the Common Era, but Paintings of Confucius's Life are reflect the characteristics of the times of Ming Dynasty. If you know this difference, you can learn the changes of East Asian society at the same time.
CEK4102 Research on Humanities and Cultural Contents 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master - No
The purpose of this course is to examine various discourses in humanities that tries to systematically analyze cultural contents of the modern world, and to develop the ability to formulate a new discourse that can offer different insights through critical thinking.
CEK4104 AI and Ethics in East Asian Perspective 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-4 - No
The purpose of this course (“AI and Ethics in East Asian Perspective”) is to examine important ethical issues such as what is to be human and how we should live in the age of AI (artificial intelligence) and the 4th industrial revolution from the perspective of East Asian Philosophy. As the usage of AI becomes prevalent, the world has gone through tremendous changes. As we have seen in the case of AlphaGo (a computer program that plays the board game Go), individual humans cannot surpass the capacity of AI. As time goes by, the capacity of AI will increase and its application and function will diversify. Therefore, it is not farfetched to imagine that AI provides accurate medical diagnosis and perform meticulous operations in hospitals, AI passes judical judgments in courts, or AI teaches our children in schools. Accordingly, it is time for us to think about what is to be human and how to live our lives in this new era. This course will offer two specific aims. The first aim is to understand what kind of ethical problems can be caused in the age of AI and how can we live harmoniously with AI. The second aim is to examine what kind of answers East Asian philosophy can offer to these unprecedented ethical problems. This course will provide students an opportunity to learn about the general issues of AI and to think about specific ethical issues in terms of East Asian perspective. This will not only help students understand East Asian philosophy in general, but also think about
CEK4105 AI & East Asian Arts and Culture 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master - No
East Asian arts and culture have a long history and have undergone significant changes throughout time. Particularly, in modern society, AI(Artificial Intelligence) substitutes substantial roles of human beings, but it is believed that AI cannot replace the functions of of arts and culture. Under this circumstance, it is worthwhile to examine whether the field of East Asian arts and culture can find a way to cooperate with AI. Thereby, we can search for a renovative path for East Asian arts and culture in the 21 century. This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to think about this important project.
CEK4106 Understanding Chinese Philosophical Texts 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-8 Korean Yes
This is a basic course of understanding the primary texts of Chinese philosophy,culture and art. First, this course gives a general description of the texts in Chinese history. To understand these texts, students need to learn classical Chinese grammar. It will help improve student’s abilitytostudytheirmajor research area.
CEK4201 Lecture on Thought of Korean Philosophy 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-2 - No
To have a general views on Thought of Korean Philosophy, this subject considers the current of ideas from the ancient era to the period of Chosun in relation to social changes, and the philosophical features.
CEK4202 Lecture on Methodology of Korean Philosophy 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-2 - No
This course studies various methods of study in Korean philosophy schools and explores the studies suitable for the modernization of traditional philosophy by accepting the studying methods of modern philosophy.
CEK4203 Lecture on Korean Buddhist Philosophy 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-2 - No
A course for the development of Buddhism in East Asia and Korea, particularly Wonhyo's Buddhism, the Hwaom and the Chonatae Buddhism, and the Zen Buddhism.
CEK4204 Lecture on Korean Taoist Philosophy 3 6 Major Bachelor/Master 1-2 - No
Korean Taoism has three major aspects: philosophy, religion, and folk beliefs. It has been an engine driving the advancement of Korean literature and arts. This course summarizes the flow of Taoist thought in the history of Korea.