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Administration Office

Location: # 31304, 3rd floor of Toegye Hall of Humanities
Administration Office
Name Position Email Contact
Assigned Task
Jin Oh HAN Team Leader +82-2-760-0911 Management of General Department Tasks
In Bung PARK Section Chief +82-2-760-0915

Project/Policy Plan, General Affair, Development fund, Scholarship, Entrance examination of Graduate School-General, Space/Facility

Jae Heum PARK Section Chief +82-2-760-0916 Graduate School of Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy, Extension Courses
Jun Ho LEE Assistant Manager +82-2-760-0913

Faculty Staff, Research, Student Activities, Internalization, Academic Procedures, Thesis/Dissertation

Hyo Jung JUN Assistant Manager +82-2-760-1212 Homepage
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Department Offices

Administration Office
Department Contact Information Location
Department of
Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy
+82-2-760-1030 31401 Toegye Hall of Humanities

Graduate School

(Confucian Studies, Korean Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy)

+82-2-760-1410 31522  Toegye Hall of Humanities