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College Affiliated Research Unit


Institute of Eastern Philosophy and Culture
  • Goals

    Investigate the origin of Eastern Philosophy and cultural phenomenon of the arts, and promote academic succession of Eastern Philosophy and Eastern Culture that span the past, present and future. Especially with the understanding of Eastern Philosophy and Eastern Culture of the present, we secure our own identity and find strength from the roots of our culture to take a part in a culturally developed country in the global era.

  • Research & Business Contents

    Research Institute of Eastern Philosophy and Culture can be divided in to 4 different research institutes: Research Institute of Confucian Studies, Korean Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy and Art and Calligraphy.
    • The Research Institute of Confucian Studies conducts research on the development processes of Confucian Studies, from advanced to the third Confucian Studies, and similarities and differences of philosophical basis.
    • The Research Institute of Korean Philosophy conducts research about where from the era of the Three States lies the specialty of our own thoughts.
    • The Research Institute of Eastern Philosophy conducts studies on how Korean culture has been led philosophically and how the three religions of the East, the Confucian, Buddhism and Taoism have influenced each other.
    • The Research Institute of Art and Calligraphy studies from an art philosophical viewpoint, the style of Eastern cultures including music of the people, and the basis of philosophy which flows in the cultural style of the East

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College Affiliated Research Unit
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Institute of Eastern Philosophy and Culture Prof. Jeong Geun SHIN Eastern Philosophy


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